With the diary you can schedule tasks to the correct resources based on skill, physical location to the task and availability of the resources that have the skillset to complete the task. Ensuring a timeous and seamless response to all work that needs to be carried out.


A real time messaging service built into Connect that allows dispatchers and field agents to communicate and update tasks with a fully audited trail. All resources assigned to a task can communicte and share ideas for the completion of the assigned task.


With real time monitoring of jobs, you can be sure that you will know what jobs are scheduled, in progress and past due. When a job is selected you can see all information currently completed such as notes, pictures, videos, stock used or required and signed off job sheets so that the time from job submission to completion to invoicing can be as streamlined and efficient as expected for todays modern standards.


Real-time full integration and geo-mapping into Google maps allows for the exact mapping of clients and resources, allowing you to efficiently manage resources for task allocation based on thier current real-time location to the required client. Selection of a resource will display their current work schedule allowing you to make on demand changes to thier schedule in real time maximizing efficiency.


Management of your client database is made ever more efficient by allowing you to:

  • Provide full customer data with search options by name
  • Enable creation and maintenance of customer and site details, including parent/subsidiary/branch information
  • Allow for geo-location capturing of site details
  • View full customer detail by selection
  • View full history of current and historic jobs in customer screen, including status and type, in different colours to reflect type and status
  • Select any job by selecting from Customer screen to view full detail in Job screen
  • Provide notes on customer screen for future reference


Manage projects more efficiently with real time resource allocation to specific critical tasks. View and monitor each task as it is completed giving you a exact view of how the project is progressing and highlighting any potential problems before they arise. Unlimited number of tasks can be created to cater for even the most complex projects.

Mobile Devices

The mobile application allows any android device to become part of the system. Mobile users are sent new jobs directly to their devices with location and instructions for the task so they need not waste time driving around looking for a new client's premises. All job sheets, notes, attachments and signatures are captured directly on the device and sent back to the main server for processing once captured allowing rapid turn around times on job completion and follow up procedures.


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